Friday, June 6, 2008


I'm at home today, on leave :)

Now tak risau sangat kalau nak amik leave, dah ade someone to cover me in the office when I am not around. Cuma kesian lah dia, sorang jek, macam I dah lali, selalu pun sorang-sorang at the office. But i still call her to check if everything is ok.

I woke up very late today, at 10.30, wooooooo best tidur, after solat subuh and after hubby dah go to work, I pun membongkang balik kat katil. At 7.30 kak Yana pulak kejut, she's going to her NPCC course. Than I continue again with my sleep :)

Nothing much to do at home, beside bermalasan. I just came back from the Supermarket with Arin & Aqil. We had lunch at KFC than went to NTUC to buy some groceries.

Reached home straight away check blog and update before I start my cooking later.

Thought nak dinner outside je today since hubby will be home about 5pm. But hubby suruh masak pulak. I nak masak lemak taugeh with tahu, goreng ikan and sambal belacan, best tak, hmmmmmmm mesti lah best..............

kak Arin rajin tolong ibu pilih taugeh


This wk macam very fast kan, today dah Friday, tomorrow dah wkend. We are going to Suntec tomorrow to watch movie, INDIANA JONES. Free ticket from my BIL (Umi hubby). My BIL is a policeman, every year they all ade free ticket to movie, family day n macam-macam lah lagi. My sis 2 kids yg lelaki pun police, the police family. My son pun kalau di tanye, "Aqil grow up nak jadi ape" "AQIL NAK JADI POLIS"

Actually 1 person entitle for 4 tickets, since my 2 nephew pun police, altogether they have 12 tickets. So cukup lah untuk I anak branak and Umi family. Its 7pm show, my kids dah tak sabar, maklumlah jarang-jarang we all watch movie kat Cinema, mahal lorrrr. I rasa dari I watch kat cinema, lebih baik I rent the movie or buy je DVD for them.

K lah u all, I nak masak ni, nanti tak habis story mory lauk pun tak masak lagi sampai hubby balik .............. take care ............ "HAPPY WKEND"


Momo_family said...

OMG... Mariah ...i so siannn here in the office!
Nobody talk to me onli radio!!...

My eyes closing liao... hope boss dun come until 530 i chao... AARRGGHHHH.. haha..

Hope u have a nice weekend...!!

moralle said...

Hahaha, hang in there girl, its 15mins to go, I think now u know how I felt all this while, alone in the office as I mentioned to u before.

Enjoy yr wkend, oh btw, yesterday I saw yr bf with closer view, oooo he is quite good looking yeah, take care of him, n he will take care of u :)

rasp said...

wah sis syioknye nak gi tgk wayang! Since ada Sapphire i put a halt to tat.. takpe wayang tak ke mana, plus dvd pun dah byk, kan..

Masak shedap2 tau, nanti i sampai..oppsss...

Have a great weekend, enjoy ur movie! take care!

p/s: jez wondering hw's ur bro doing with the dialysis treatmnt? hope he's getting better!

moralle said...

Hi Rasp, me since Aqil was born pun no no to cinema, unless its free from BIL.

U nak sampai sini ke, if you ke sini, bukan lemak untuk u, lagi special I masakkan tau :)

As for my brother, he is already back at home, still need to do his dialysis at home, alhamdulillah he is getting better with the dialysis treatment, just that his back is still pain not knowing what is the cause, insyallah he will recover soon, thanks for yr concern.

applepie said...

my fren cakap layan gak citer indiana jones tuh..heheh..enjoy ur movie n hepi wiken kak...

moralle said...

Hi Apple, to me its enjoyable, the kids n hubby tak soka, ape lah they all ni, tak tau tengok cito camni lah.