Thursday, June 12, 2008

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM I BORED...........

Hi hi, I hv nothing interesting to update, and I felt bored. Why??????????????? Maybe office works dah berkurangan, nooooooooooo I dont think so, but affected a bit jugak.

I think I know why exactly my feeling is so soreeeeeeee today, symptom of my monthly fren since yesterday night, probably that is the caused. But too early this month, every month it changes date, need to let my doctor knows about this when I visit him next month during my quarterly check-up.

For now, lets enjoy the funny jokes below, got it from Matilda :

Subject: Relax (very funny must read) .

Q: What is the closest thing similar to a woman's period?
A: Your salary, it comes once a month lasts about 5-7 days and if it doesn't come means you are in big trouble.

Q: What three things are common between the sun and woman's underwear?
A: Both are hot, both look better while going down and both disappear at night.

Q: Why do men ask for a woman's hand in marriage?
A: Because they are tired of using their own.

Q: What's common between men and video?
A: Both go backward... forward... backward... forward... backward.... forward... stop and eject.

Q: What goes in dry, comes out wet, and gives warm satisfaction?
A: A teabag.

7 qualities to be a perfect wife:
Truthful and
In short, she must have good B.R.E.A.S.T.S

Q: What is the similarity between men and rats?
A: Both keep searching for new HOLES.

Q: What's the difference between biology and sociology?
A: When the baby looks like his dad, then it is biology. When the babylooks like the neighbour, then it is sociology.

Doctor: You look so weak & exhausted. Are you having 3 meals a day as Ihave advised?
Lady: Doctor, I thought you had said 3 males a day.

Q: Girl friend & boy friend go for a movie. In the dark, a mosquito enters the girl's skirt. Guess where it would have bitten?
Answer: The boy's hand.

Q: Tarzan and the animals went to the river to take a bath. Tarzan removed his clothes. All the animals laughed. Tarzan asked 'Why'?
A: The animals told him...........'Your tail is in the front'


rasp said...

Me have good BREASTS! Of coz! kah kah kah kah.. funny...

Sis, memang kalo 'fren' tu dtg, short circuit kita dibuatnya kan...inilah nasib wanita...

moralle said...

Rasp, c hw important kan having good BREAST........ salah satu senjata wanita, hahaha

Tau takpekan, tak sokaaaaaaaaa, tapi ape nak buat, nasib wanita, kesuburan semulajadi :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

Tell Matilda, she can supply us more jokes like this! We are all married, so tak kisah. No harm reading & laughing right?

moralle said...

Mama more to come, imagine yougsters nowaday, dirty jokes okayyyyyyyyy. Kite yg dah married ni pun sokaaaaaaaaa gitu, hehehe.

Mommy Lily said...

dirty jokes but very funny ! hahahaha

Ceera said...

hehehehe.. lawak sungguh, tang breast yang tak tahan tu...

moralle said...

Mommy, wen times are really bored, dirty jokes really help, hehehe.

moralle said...

Ceera, so kenek tayang tang tu lebih-lebih sikit, hahaha.