Monday, June 9, 2008

FAST UPDATE..............

Friday on leave, confirmed to day bz lorrrrr. Boss went out since 11.30am not back yet, me to just came back from lunch, I just gave fast update je for today.

Early morning dah bergaya ngan my new blouse

So if there are any typo error, or singlish words used, sowie, ni case nak cepat :)

I had lunch with hubby, Aqil and Arin. Kak Yana went to his class chalet at Loyang, but she is coming back tonight, no overnite for her, not the time yet for her to overnite. Me and hubby will fetch her at 11+ tonight after hubby come back from work.

Hubby today start work at 3.30, he didnt sign for any OT, the white Mitsubishi is due for servicing. This morning he sent me to work, went to service the car with Aqil. Budak kecik tu excited want to follow his daddy, early morning he woke up already.

He finished the servicing at 11am, went to fetch Arin at home and came to fetch me for lunch at 12.30. As usual, we went to Banquet Causeway point to had lunch.

Bee Hoon fish soup for me, rice with sweet sour fish in a wok for Arin

Aqil with his Chicken Rice, baca doa makan yg bersungguh-sungguh, alamak lupa nak snap hubby food, minced chicken meat noodles

After lunch we sent Aqil and Arin to Umi house, hubby to work and me back to office.

Reached office terus update blog, if not later if boss comes back I wont have time tu update.

Alhamdullillah 1st half of Monday is over, semua nye berjalan dengan lancar, going to continue with my work and will chow at 5.30 sharp today.


nasazfrog... said...

amboi kak bergaya ngan baju baru yer....

moralle said...

Gaya sikittttttt jer lah yang :)

Anonymous said...

gud boy ;)
sejuk perut ibu mengandung..
nice blouse laa dear *_*

rasp said...

wah model baju baru ek! nice!
hv a splendid evening!

Shopaholic Mama said...

Hello Sis, how's the food at Banquet CP? I suka makan kat Banquet but different places, different rasa. Recommend mana yg sedap, if i singgah sana, I nak try.

Aien cute said...

hi akak.. windu bangat ngan akak! bila windu baca blog akak terubat sikit kerinduan tu.

miss u!

moralle said...

Hi Rillys, lama tak jenguk sini. Alhamdulillah, all parents mesti soka kan kalau anak-anaknye menjadi anak yg soleha.

Tantek ke baju simple tu, to me kalau pakai comfortable dah best tu :)

moralle said...

Rasp, model tak laku kot, hehehe.

Hi Mama, i tried almost all stalls at Banquet CP, suma sedapppppp, I loike the Fried fish Tomyam with Emee, the fried kway teow pun power, u tried everyting lah kat situ, hehehe.

moralle said...

Hi Aein, me to windu tauuu, ingat plan nak go down to KL during the Mega Sale, leh kite meet lagi kan ??? Take care.