Friday, April 18, 2008

AT HOME...........

I'm blogging from home sambil menikmati coffee panas !!!!!!!!!!

My cup of coffee

Its very tiring today, I woke up early this morning to do some house chores before I went out to c my doctor. Yana is out at shcool while Arin is at home, its E-Learing day for her school, she will be studying using the computer from home to log in to her school web.

Hubby is on afternoon shift so he and Aqil will accompany me to c the doctor. My appt. is at 11.30, sempat jugak I went to Sheng Shong supermarket and wet market to do some marketing, tomorrow is Sat, for sure it will be crowded and I dont like it.

I hv to undergo few test today, blood test, urine test and also ECG. There is another special test which I cant remember what is the name, its to determine the level of my hormone. I was like very blurr, the nurse told me that my appt today is only to do all the testings and the appt to c my doctor is next week once the results are out. Why lah I m so forgetful nowadays, tapi ok lah, dapat jugak I hv lunch with hubby after the appt. rather than be at the office cracking my head.

Afer all are done, we pun proceed to Causeway Point to cari makan, very hungry, both of us and Aqil have not had anything yet since morning. We went to banquet to eat our lunch. As usual me ate Tom Yam Yee Mee fried fish noodle, hubby and Aqil ate Fish & Chips.

Budak kecik ni never fail to ride this batman car if we go CP

My two laling, menyantap Fish & Chips

After makan lunch we thought nak jalan-jalan kejap but looking at the time its already 2pm, hubby need to work, so dengan sedihnye we balik lah. Well what to do, nampaknye tunggu wkend je lah. Afterall me also not feeling very good after taking some blood this morning.

Hubby sent me home than he went to work. After hubby dah chow pegi keja I pun apelagi, made myself a cup of hot coffee than terus on computer to blog. N before I shut this computer to take my nap, I nak visit frens blog first so that I wont miss any update from them, cheersssssssssss.


rasp said...

i doakan that your results is very favourable... do take care dear and have a good rest.. enjoy ur weekend & your trip..

p/s : looks like aqil dah sihat. syukur alhamdullilah...

moralle said...

Rasp, ya I'm hoping for good results to. Alhamdulillah Aqil dah pulih betul, his selera to eat pun dah back to normal, so dah start balik lah his kerenah, kenek lah layankan if not nanti show tantrum again, u 2 have good wkend.

Aien cute said...

semoga akak ku sayang nie sihat selalu... Ngok aqil pun dah boleh senyum semula! comei jer bila dia dah mula ketawa.


moralle said...

Insyaallah Aein, akak pun sentiasa mendoakan kesihatan Aein slalu, gitu lah Aqil kalau dah sembuh seperti biase.

Blushwax said...

Hi sis! Hope everything went well for ur tests. Are u staying in woodlands? I am currently in woodlands too!

moralle said...

Hi dear, just today baru perasan yr comments, entry dah quite sometimes kan, yes I am in Woodlands, had been in Woodlands since forever, hehehehe, ooooo so u r in Woodlands to, n yr new hse?