Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I hv 2 tag to settle, this is to Rasp who had tag me, ni ez so I will do it first, to Shopper mama I will definitely do yr tag, but nanti dulu k.

I hv taken the pics last week but now only I hv the time to post it, Rasp this is for you dear, utang dah langsai k.

Tadaaaaaaaa, ha ha this is my workplace where I spend almost 8hrs everyday, berselerak sungguh kan

Very messy kan, since I joined the company 5 years ago, it had been this way, not that I didnt kept it clean but I cant because I hv lots of things to do, the hunny bunny is a gift from my ex colleague

It overlooked the production area downstairs, so if I want anything I just opened the window and just shout at the production people, super efficient kan

So Rasp, not like yours right, yrs looks classy alright, mine, all the khazanah are surrounding me.

Do I hv to tag others, okay lah, I will tag only these 3 :

  1. Shopper Mama (Sori mama, utang u I lum langsaikan i dah tag u lagi)
  2. Apple
  3. Todtedned


rasp said...

tq dear buatkan tag i.. rahsia nampak meja kemas is the angle of the photo.. hahahahaha...

moralle said...

ohhhh ye ke, kalau gitu I salah angle lah snap ni, hehehe.

Ceera said...

wah, memang nampak meja orang bekerja la. hehe

moralle said...

Ceera, ni kat keja je tau, kalau kat umah camni akak leh fengsan lor.