Monday, April 28, 2008


Wuuuuuuuu, so tired betul ah today, the whole morning rushing things out, and now just came back from the bank to cash out salary for workers, i did it today cause for sure tomorrow will be crowded with people, as usual month end kan. Weather today was very hot, I turn on aircon to the fullest pun tak rasa, the company Opel need servicing but nobody is free to bring it to the workshop, hmmmmm so teruk, since Uncle (the driver) resign, the company vehicles is not taken care properly. Looks like I need to talk to my boss to hire a new despatch boy or uncle to take care of things here in the office, and also of course to help me go to the bank lah, I dont really like going to the bank, especially if its long hrs of queing-up.

The weekends was ok ok for me, alhamdullilah what I felt is just my imagination, things turn out to be ok. We didnt went out thou, spend the 2 wkends at home with the kids while hubby has to work.

Saturday, I went to c my doctor for the lab results and check-up, alhamdullilah, the results was very good, I m happy about that, the only thing that made me unhappy is that I need to spend almost 4hrs waiting to c my doctor. My appt is at 10am but I was called at 2pm. Btw, my follow-up is not at the hospital, I hv requested to be at the Polyclinic cause its nearer for me. When I reached there I saw many people complaining and making so much noise, I m not sure why, may b the doctors are sleeping kot. One thing about going to Poly camni lah, always ade problem, namanye pun government clinic kan. I actually pun dah naik darah, but what to do, some of them ade yg appt. early morning pun still waiting. So i pun wait and wait untill when its my turn, bila doctor check my blood pressure , guess what, my blood pressure shoot up to 140+++. Ooooooooooo high kan, so I told the doctor, its because of the waiting yg make my blood pressure shoot up, doctor smile jeeeeeeee, geram kan, anyway itu lah dia kalau nak murah, terpaksalah kite take it kan, unless I change back to private which I think not at the moment lah.

After the check-up I rush home cause Yana is late for her Madrasah at 2pm and Arin had waited for me to fetch her at the mosque, ape lagi, pecut lah I drive the car takut mak nenek yg dah dok menunggu kat masjid tu nanti mengomel. For sure kakak is late by an hour and Arin muka masam cause Ibu lambat fetch her. Lucky Aqil very quiet, good boy, cuma when we reached the car park after sending and fetching the girls, he only says "Ibu Aqil hungry", than only I realized we have not taken lunch yet and its already 3.30pm. Kesiannye bujang ibu, actually I pun rasa lapar by then, Yana went to madrasah without hving lunch, kesian anak ibu. But its ok, diet for kakak, she is putting up weight lah, macam dah montel. Reached home I fried simple fried rice and ate with Aqil and Arin. Dah tired pun still hv to do house work, but I dah tak larat nak cook dinner, hubby came back at 4.30 asking if I cook anything, sorry ayah, ibu so tired tak larat nak cook. About 6.30 he went out with kak Yana to go and buy dinner. So we had dinner from Al-Ameen, seafood fried rice, nasi goreng Pataya and hubby bought me rojak which I felt like eating since last week, syokkkk, rojak char kuay. Ate dinner sambil watched APM, not bad this year, artist boleh lah tahan.

Sunday, I m stuck at home jugak, didnt go anywhere, as usual, house chores from morning I woke up at 9am until about 3pm baru relaks, dah including masak ok, what a day kan, 3pm than I managed to complete everything.

Wkends ku tak berape memuaskan, but alhamdullilah it doesnt turn out to be bad for me and family, syukurrrrr.


applepie said...

its oke kak..yg penting kite hepi.. :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

Hi Sis, its like thatlah if go govt clinic but sometimes go private pun same also, cekik darah jugak. As long as everything turned out alright with you. Alhamdullilah.

rasp said...

Moralle, lamanya kena tunggu.. like u say.. 'what to do'. Syukur Alhamdullilah though that the results are good..

moralle said...

Apple, walaupun memerap kat umah tak merayap, syukur lah suma nye ok.

Mama, Polyclinic ni memang slalu cekik darah, the one at my place baru open because of renovation, I think because of that the system KO sikit. Alhamdullillah my results was good if not I naik darah lagi nanti.

Hi Rasp, Government clinic yang, biase ah tapi yg penting I happy with the lab results, so it will be another 3 mths time lah to go again for the follow-up.