Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today is the day to bermalasan and resting............but still, early today I had vac the house, cooked at 3.30pm than terus relaks until now. Today I cooked sambal udang n fried fish only, simple but sodapppppppp :)

I watched Hindustan movie, mission Istanbul, power lah citer ni, best giler. It ends at 6.30pm, than at 7.30 I went out a while to NTUC supermarket, bought some groceries, I'm lazy to go to wet market, so supermarket lah I terjah.

While typing this, now I'm watching Mission Impossible at HBO with my family except kak Yana. She went out since 4pm to school for her NPCC charity event for the old folks home.

Syokkkk sitting at home resting, eating, watching TV and blah blah blah.

Tomorrow is a big day for my boy Aqil, tapi dia coollllllll jer, only god knows hw he is feeling right now, or may b he doesnt feel anything right now, namanyer pun budak and mudah-mudahan everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

Anyway he wont be alone tomorrow, Abi and his son together with hubby, will be with him and also Helmi, my fren son, same age as Aqil only few mths apart, will also sunat with Aqil. Me n my fren memang dah janji nak sunatkan the two boys together bila sampai masanye, alhamdulillah tomorrow is the day that we had decided to circumcise them.

My fren will do the doa selamat for her son tomorrow but for Aqil will be 2 weeks later, I intend to do his doa selamat cum birthday celebration for him in Dec.

Sayonara and nite nite to all, I want to watch mission impossible now, cheersssssss n hv a great Sunday :)


Me, Mrs Taj said...

no update today? so mcm mn segala prosesnya,bjalan lancar??? hehehe

Lily Satrina ® said...

► Circumcision is a different experience.

► aqil = the boyman in the making!!

► Tips from Doctor -
*** If a young boy never stretch his genital at full length, the skin might have problems sticking in and this might pose a bit of complication and take longer time to recover.

► sis moralle, im done here. fuhh..reading all, in one unusual, but hey, i hv no complain at all.. good night

Erinsza said...

sis on weekend memang suka lepak2 kat umah samalah dgn I, syiokkan.

rasp said...

sronoks kan rileks2 kat rumah ;)

sis, how's the proses... he's ok tak? tak sabar nak dengar stori morri..

moralle said...

mrs taj, baru sempat nak update ni :)

tya, bz ker sis, its ok lah, take yr time to read :)

erinsza, yup lepaking at home :)

raps, he is ok sis, dah update pun :)