Thursday, March 13, 2008


As usual, pagi turun breakfast than back to our room to do packing. We r checking-out today. We had planned to recky Pavillion first before we drive back to Singapore. We check-out at 11.30am.

Posing-posing inside the room before we check-out :

After check-out, we didnt actually go to Pavillion first, we walk down to Lot 10 again to c if we can find anything interesting there. Me managed to grab a nice purse which is on sale at Isetan. Okay lah, cantik for me, hubby yg pilih. Harganye pun leh lah tahan jugak. Round-round kat Isetan than we proceed to Pavillion.

At Pavillion straight I went in to Tangs, hubby n Aqil tak ikut masuk, cause dah penat jalan, so they waited for me outside Tangs. I pun suka lah jugak, dapat take my own sweet time to pilih-pilih mana yg berkenan. Pusing nye pusing, adelah jugak I dapat grab 2 pcs of blouse, simple but nice. Both price is at RM159.00, because they are having 50% discount so I pay 1/2 je for each. Worth it betul, macam nak jalan-jalan lagi, tapi when I look at my watch dah about 1 hr I kat dalam Tangs, takut pulak pak cik kat luar tu nanti mengamuk. So after paying I pun tutup mata sebelah terus cari pintu kluar.

From Pavillion kite went back to hotel to collect our luggage and we drove back to Singapore. We left KL about 2pm.

We have not taken lunch yet, so we stop at perhentian Jejatas Air Keroh. We all suka stop kat situ, because ade varieties of food and also fast food like Kentucky and A&W. The kids nak makan Kentucky je, so all of us makan kentucky. When we left perhentian Air Keroh, hujan pun turun selebat-lebatnye. Hubby pun drive slow je cause tak nampak betul jalan. Our 2nd stop is at Machap, we pump petrol dan terus berdesut balik ke Singapore. We used 2nd link, because its more convinient. Hujan tak berhenti all the way. We pump petrol another time before we masuk Malaysia custom, its very smooth tak jam pun. When we reached Singapore custom pun tak jam. So suka lah kan, dah penat-penat drive at least its not jam. Alhamdullilah we reached Singapore at about 6.45pm. Kalau tak hujan mungkin kite dah reach earlier.

From 2nd link it take about another 45mins to reach my house, we are stuck in the jam at KJE, tak tau apasal pulak jam teruk kat situ, all the way sampai kite exit Woodlands. We stop over at Al Ameen to buy dinner, 2 packets of Nasi goreng Seafood and 2 packets Nasi goreng Pataya.

We reached home at 8.15pm, unpack all the necessary things and do all the necessary things lah. We have dinner, relaxs-relaxs kejap sambil cuci baju yg kotor. The girls dah berdengkor masuk tidur, tinggallah mak dan paknye masih lum tidur lagi, masih ade keja nak dibereskan. Once everything is done, we went to sleep at midnight.

Overall the trip was good, its the most enjoyable ones we have, pasal banyak shopping, hehehehe. As for the hotel, its superb, layanan yg mesra from all the hotel staffs, service is good, pendek kan cite, I recommend lah this hotel to those yg nak bershopping kat Bukit Bintang, its located at BB area itsself, betul-betul berdepan ngan Planet Hollywood. The 5 star rating is really a 5 star service, and its worth paying.

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