Friday, March 7, 2008


Actually tak de ape nak update semalam, satu hari kat opis duk depan computer cari hotel. Remember my short trip this wkend, last minute we cancel our hotel, my hubby dapat feedback from his fren, the hotel we had booked rabakkkkkkkk, and we all jadi takut pulak, so we decided to try and cancel and change hotel. So ape lagi, luckily we managed to cancel the reservation last minute. Few hotels I tried to book suma dah full, at the end of the day, dapat lah jugak reserve a 5 star hotel. Ok lah jugak, hopefully 5 star treatment is given to us, hehehehehe. Jangan paid for 5 star dapat 3 star nye treatment pulak. Well hope its not.

Lihatlah cuaca semalam, this is at 10.30am, with this weather best kan tidur kat umah, sebab tu I lambat yesterday, sampai opis kul 11am.

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