Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TUESDAY.................. WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual kalau balik office, bz semacam lah, it will never end, this wk I hv lots of things to complete, I m going for a short break this wkend, will only be back in the office next Wednesday. Short break overseas with my hubby and kids, than resting at home till Wed. So this wk will be very bz for me, rushing lots of things, I dont want to leave anything unsettle before I go on leave, that is my style, so that I can go on leave peacefully.

I had a very shocking news from my boss today, he called me from outside, btw he is out having seminar the whole day, so we talked on the phone. My Ops manager yg I blogged about him few wks back is leaving the company ????????????? my boss will only release him once the project he handles is completed, that will be for another 2 weeks. I m not sure about the reason why he is leaving but I knew he will leave soon, we talked before, its either he got a new job or he is just leaving because of jealousy or you could say, competition. Not with me of course, with the other new guy who had joined us as Service Manager. This new guy is quite reliable, he has no experience in technical line, but his knowledge in the industries we are doing is good. Formerly he is with Singapore Sailing Federation. So lets c how this guy will turn-out to be, hopefully better so that I will not so stressed with my worked if he can handle his own duties and responsibilities.

Tergendala pulak my update, kelam kabut save into draft. My boss came in just to update and hand-over few things to me, he is going for overseas seminar from Wed to Thurs, than Friday another seminar. So I will not be seeing him until next wk. Woiiiiiiiiiii, boleh ke I finished everything on time, my own work, taking over some of the duties of my colleague yg dah nak chow, I m really going to be overloaded with works this week, hopefully, I can complete all outstandings in time, insyaallah.

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