Saturday, March 29, 2008

WHAT'S THE PLAN TODAY................

As usual lah, today hubby work, pagi lagi I dah woke up, Arin kejut nak go to Madrasah, dah siap nak kluar baru di kejutkan omaknye yg lagi sedap tidur. After Arin kluar, I pun terus bangun bikin ape yg patut lah. Saturdary normally I will not touch the house sangat, sikit-sikit je mana yg nampak depan mata. I will normally cook, send the kids to Madrasah and so on lah if ade plan in the evening. Sunday yg slalunye I bz bikin ape-ape je lah, selain masak, I will vac the floor, cuci baju, menggosok and ade je lah yang I need to do and bereskan.

So today I tak cook, we plan to go out later this evening, visiting my hubby fren nye wife, she just gave birth to a baby boy, this couple is close to us, ape je occasions yg kite buat and jemput they will definitely came, so now its our turn to pay them a visit lah, 1st child lah katakan, meka dua-dua tu happy banget. I pun happy for them.

Since I tak cook, after sending Yana to Madrasah and fetch Arin from Madrasah, I went to buy Chicken rice for them, boleh lah buat alas perut sampai petang. Afer visiting we can go dinner than.

My sister is coming with me later, she knows both of them to. My sis called asking if I'm buying anything for the couple, I doubt so, thought of giving them Ang Pow je, cause we dont know what they like, I rather give them money than buying something they dont like or may b someone had already bought it for them. Biaselah, baby stuffs, so I think the best is give them $, they can use the money for whatever they want to buy or use for.

I just finished paying bills through the internet, banyak bill nak settle, telephone, SCV, power supply, broadband, credit cards, hmmmmmmmmm like this lah every mth, mengeluh panjang di buatnye, but what to do, still kenek lah pay, if not kenek potong pulak facilities kat umah ni.

After this, hv to do filing pulak, so all these bills tak bertaburan, if I wait for another day, piling up lah my paper work nanti, dah macam kat keja pulak, kat keja dengan paper work, kat rumah pun ade paper work kan. Ni lah namanye kehidupan, sentiasa bz di mana saja kite berada. Tataaaaaaaa for now, HAPPY WKEND.

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