Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SEMPAT JUGAK...........

Even though I m soooooooo bz with work this wk, no matter what I still need and want to update my blog. If not for others to read, its for my own sake :)

The update might be short and sassy je, macam I tulis diary sendiri gitu kan. Actually I ask myself, what and who is this blog for??????????, jawapan yg I ade very easy, for my kids to read and remember them of their mum, and also for frens, anak-anak sedara or cucu-cucu I to read and remember me, especially me already dah jadi nenek tau, now my cucu suma kecik-kecik lagi, so kalau tak berkesempatan for them to know me better, kalau ada blog I ni, their parents will sure show them when they are old enough to understand. Eh melalut lah pulak kan, but its true peeeeeeeeee.

Back to today entry, I do my work as usual, rush here and there, because deadline for me to finish it is up to this Friday, than I will be on long leave till next week. So yg tak finish tu, i bring forward je until I come back, but of course I will prioritize my job, yg dulu, di dulukan, yg tak so important tu , leh lah tunggu je minggu depan.

Sempat jugak I went out just now to look for a gift for my fren in KL, tu pun kalau i berpeluang jumpa ngan dia, wonder how it will be, and also bought some goodies to do hantaran for my anak sedara yg getting engage this wkend. Me tak dapat hadir di hari pertunangan my brother son ni, I will not be in Singapore, but surely I will visit them this Friday. I decided to give my anak sedara 2 gubahan, 1 will be from me and the other from my sister. Bz kan I this week, bz kat keja, bz kat rumah, this wk macam suma rushing gitu. Tapi tak pe lah, after that I will spent time with my family berholiday. Really looking forward to this trip, family bonding and also to meet my new fren.

Ok, that's it for today, nothing much to story-mory, janji I update this blog of mine.

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